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Fromagerie Domaine Féodal



M.F. : 26 % Moisture : 50 %

This soft, bloomy rind cheese is made with pasteurized milk that comes from four farms near the cheese maker, located in Berthierville in the Lanaudière region. Under its white rind, speckled with brownish patches when aged, is an ivory cheese that is horizontally intersected by a line of edible maple wood ash. The cheese offers up a mushroom, forest, acidulated cream, butter, and bread crust aroma, with floral tones (honey). Its taste is mild and lingers in the mouth, and features flavours of farm butter, mushroom, acidulated cream and hints of white grapefruit.

Cendré des Prés was Fromagerie du Domaine Féodal’s first cheese. It is the first bloomy rind, soft cheese made with pasteurized cow’s milk that has a layer of vegetable ash in the middle. “I wanted to make a soft, bloomy rind Morbier cheese. I asked around and was told that it would be impossible. Great! That’s just what I’ll do then!” proudly recalls cheese maker Guy Dessureault. Le Cendré des Prés has been at our tables accompanying our meals since 2001.

Cendré des Prés is available from the cheese maker, at specialty grocery stores and cheese shops, and in most supermarkets.

Awards and distinctions

2016 Word Cheese Awards silver medal winner, Any Other Soft Cow's Milk Cheese class (not in any other class).
2014 silver medal winner and 2008 gold medal winner at the British Empire Cheese Show, Soft Rind Cheese class.
2014 Sélection Caseus competition finalist, Bloomy Rind Cheese class.
2011 American Cheese Society competition bronze medal winner, in its class.

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